About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Reeve lives in the Sonoran Desert with her husband, their two little boys, and an increasingly disgruntled cat. She used to think she was going to be a photographer when she grew up, or perhaps a biologist, or maybe a lawyer, or possibly a high school English teacher. She ended up doing basically none of those things.

Similarly, she thought she was a writer of very serious, relatively chaste, high fantasy epics, but has since discovered that in fact her genre is slightly silly, fairly sexy, speculative romance. Her writing has been called “hilarious” in a Publishers Weekly review, and Elizabeth is very proud to have written a story that has been described as “the sweetest, most romantic tentacle sex story I’ve ever read.” She hasn’t completely ruled out writing a high fantasy epic someday after all, but it will probably have more sex and humor than originally planned.

When she’s not writing — or chasing small children and trying to clean their faces — Elizabeth likes to read, complain about genre television, and sew amusing animal hats.

If you’d like to follow her around the internet, Elizabeth has a Twitter account, a Tumblr, and an account at Goodreads. New friends are always welcome!