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Here are some fix-it fic recs from the “Canon Error: Apply Fanfic?” panel at WisCon 40.

Recs from panelist Lauren Moody:

Fix-it Fic I like, in no particular order

Best of: Sansukh, Stealing Harry, Long Drive Home, Written by the Victors

DC Comics:

HappyVerse, ilyena_sylph and merfilly –

The Redemption of Booster Gold (the rest of this series isn’t on AO3, but it’s worth tracking down!) –

Harry Potter

Stealing Harry (Sirius didn’t go to Azkaban) –

Cartographer’s Craft (after book 6) –

The Art of Walking Backward –

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Talk to Me –

Some People Just Collect Stamps –

The Gift of Idunn –

If I (GG, Rocket has OCD) –

Avatar (movie)

Long Drive Home (not much of a girlfriend) –

Stargate: Atlantis

Written by the Victors –

Teen Wolf

Beyond the Call of Duty and Family –


Your Face is Turned –

Carnival Show –

The Hobbit

The Good Earth –

Sansukh (canon-compliant, but looks in all the places Tolkien didn’t) –

Recs from the moderator:

Pretty much all fic based on the “Vegas” alternate universe of SGA where John lives, but especially “We make a sky where we may be” by Penknife –

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